BBC News - Obama: Anwar Al-Awlaki death is major blow for al-Qaeda


Many people going to the mosque don’t know who Anwar al-Awlaki is or that he used to preach there.

But the first reaction of many is positive. “He was a bad man who killed many people,” says one man. “It is good that he is gone.” Two thumbs up and a “good riddance” come from a young man who had heard of Awlaki’s death just a few moments before.

But there is more nuanced reaction from others. “I like justice to be done the normal way,” said Tariq Diap. “If you are guilty of doing something, we have a law, we have courts, we have a judge. Why don’t we proceed the normal way?

"We are here to condemn terrorists. And this is an act of terrorism too. Because you take matters into your own hand."